Trip to Jersey

At the end of April we had a short trip away to Jersey for 3 nights. We visited a couple.of years ago, purely because we found a really cheap flight, but then we enjoyed it so much we decided to go back this year!

Despite only staying for three nights we managed to pack a lot in, getting around several attractions a day! So here’s a bit of a whistle stop tour of what we got up to.

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Walking the coast – Seaham to South Shields

Length – 19 miles

With our Northumberland Coast Path trip fast approaching (less than a month away!) We decided to use the Easter bank holiday to fill in another gap.

We had previously walked the Durham Coast from Hartlepool to Seaham and, in various stages, from Sunderland to Cresswell. So we wanted to fill the gap between Seaham and Sunderland, but knowing that this walk would involve traipsing through the outskirts of Sunderland we’d been putting it off. The prediction of that part of the walk not being the most scenic is also why we decided to extend this walk and keep going to South Shields which is a bit more scenic.

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Beamish, Causey Arch and Tanfield Railway

After our 16 mile walk from Cresswell to Blyth we were hoping to do another long walk the next day to try and prepare for the 4 days we’ll be walking when we do the Northumberland Coast Path. However the weather was not on our side and we ended up doing a 6.5 mile walk out of Cicerone’s Walking in County Durham starting out near Beamish Museum.


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Walking the Coast – Cresswell to Blyth

In May we will be walking the Northumberland Coast Path, and before that we wanted to have covered as much of the coast up to there as possible. Having started our last walk in the area at Blyth and walking down the coast we decided to go from Cresswell, where the Northumberland Coast Path begins down to Blyth to fill in the gap. We covered nearly 17 miles (16.88 to be precise) on this walk, which took us over 300 miles in our ‘Walk 1000 Miles’ challenge for this year. IMG_20190406_093504

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Grinton, Maiden Castle and Kiplin Hall

Before around the end of last summer we never really considered traveling down to the Yorkshire Dales for a day’s walking, just assuming it would be too far. But then we had a trip to Bolton Castle and realised that it didn’t really take us much longer to get there than it does to drive up into the Cheviots which is something we would frequently do.

Yesterday was the first time we put this to the test driving down to Grinton in Swaledale for a short walk before visiting Kiplin Hall, which had just opened for the year.


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Walking the Coast – Staithes to Saltburn by the Sea

Last weekend after seeing a number of pictures and videos of parts of the countryside around Yorkshire totally flooded we decided that we wouldn’t risk the countryside walk we’d been planning and instead headed off to the North Yorkshire coast to avoid the worst of the weather.


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